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    Do you remember your first bicycle? How enjoyable it was when you learned to ride on? The fantastic feeling of freedom, the undescribable happiness still be vivid? Le:sure deserves to be your first e-bike and it's going to touch you as your first bicycle did.

  • Free&Classic
    Classic bicycles with modern technology, ideal for travel in the city. Providing you maximum comfort and reliability. City series gives you optimized choice which will be never out of date.
  • Free&Smooth
    City series 2.0 is equipped with the most advanced power-assist system, and armed with high-tech accessories  which can bring you the smoothest riding experience.
  • Free&Stiff
    Trekking series e-bikes are perfect for all day use, no matter if you want to get from point A to B or go for a trip outside of town with your family. It goes as well in the city as in local trails. Perfect allrounder.



An electric bike has the convenience of a car and the traditional workings of a bike converged in a perfect hybrid.
Are you wondering if an electric bike is the right choice for you? Still need a bit of convincing? Here are some reasons to join the e-bike revolution...
  • Electric bikes are incredible good fun

    What it feels to ride an electric bicycle? Serious Fun! Almost all people act the same when they set off for the first time – a momentary look of surprise, followed by a giant smile and sometimes even a whoop of joy!
  • Electric bikes are great for commuting

    With an electric bike you can free yourself from the misery of either stalemated traffic or overcrowded trains and buses, which means you take back control of your commute. Hills become a breeze and distances are much more manageable. You sweat less on electric bikes, because you don't have to pedal so hard. Less strain, especially on those hot summer days, equals less sweat.
  • Electric bikes will help you explore the world

    According to recent report, electric bikes are used at least twice as often as regular bikes, which not only make you exercise and fit more, but also allow you to go further and longer. With an electric bike, a short trip can easily turn into a mini-adventure that spans just that little bit further than you could usually attempt under your own steam, and then you are able to experience more views and sights than usual.
  • Safer than you think

    An electric bike is less dangerous than a regular bike in traffic. Most bike accidents on the road take place at junctions such as crossroads or roundabouts. This is often down to the fact that it takes a few vital seconds for a halted cyclist to build up speed. As soon as you start riding one, you will notice the ability to quickly accelerate, and to occasionally keep up with motorized traffic, both help to keep you out of danger zone faster. Plus, cyclists on electric bikes are more likely to stop at stop signs and red lights, because they have the power to easily pull off again.
  • Save money and low carbon

    An electric bike will enable you to be completely or partly car-free, which will enable enormous savings. In fact cars are usually the second biggest expense in most people's budgets (after housing). The cost of recharging the battery on your electric bill is basically negligible. Electric bikes are definitely the most fuel-efficient mode of transport in everyday use. Anytime you choose to ride in the bike lane as opposed to behind the wheel, you aid in reducing your carbon footprint.
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