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Our Intention Our values are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that bikes should be a precious piece in everyone's memory, which carrying us so many beautiful moments. When we were children, we cheered and followed behind our parents go for an outing by bike. When we were teenagers, we cycled with our best playmates on a frolic trip. When we were youths, we rode on the banks of small rivers with our intimate lovers. We are such a group of people, who love this industry deeply. We devote all our beautiful feelings about bicycles to our electric bikes, and we do feel that we have a profound sense of responsibility for this industry. We hope that through our unremitting efforts, electric bikes can no longer be so unattainable, which can join each one's life like regular bikes, bring laughter and happiness to us. We hope that our products will stand up to trials at affordable prices, known for its quality and classic design, and we hope our electric bikes are also worthy of everyone's memory.

Our Intention
Our Brand Our values are at the heart of everything we do.

Le:sure is a brand, which can be interpreted from two perspectives: On the one hand, our product's name resembles the English word “leisure”, meaning relaxed, free, and comfortable, which is in line with our market positioning of our products, and which also can help us accurately convey our original intentions and ideas to customers through our products; on the other hand, “le” is an article in French that resembles the meaning of the English word “the”, and the meaning of the latter part “sure” is quite obvious, sure is sure. The combination of these two parts means that the customers' approval of our products as their best choice, as well as our affirmation of our products.

Our Brand
Our Value This is our history.
  • Be in awe

    Our cause begins with our awe. On the one hand, the sense of awe teaches us that we must do our products well, only in this way can we live up to the expectations of our customers and partners, as well as the painstaking efforts we have taken. On the other hand, it is because we are in awe of our living environment that we are determined to engage in today's cause, we believe our products will increasingly highlight the positive role to the environment.

  • Keep curious

    Human progress is the result of our tireless curiosity. We must think about how to promote riding feeling through the necessary innovation, how to better serve our customers and partners and how to establish friendly communication with our living environment through our products. We always need to know how to find problems, research problems and solve problems.

  • Greatness in simplicity

    The reason why we promote our products is that we hope you can have a chance to recover your original simplicity and not to ask for too much from our environment. We are also trying our best to simplify all the red tape, on the basis of meeting the needs of our customers, to simplify our design and production, and to make the electric bike return to its original appearance. We believe that any excessive modification is a kind of redundancy.

  • In a persistent way

    Quantitative change is the necessary preparation for qualitative change. As a result, we need to continue to explore and learn in this industry, our products need to constantly optimize, we need to stick to a healthy lifestyle and consumption habits. Only in this way, our cause can be successful, our environment can be improved.

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